“Who loves Metal with balls”

HeavyMusic.ru interview
with Horn of Asgard


Our guests are the metal band Horn of Asgard from the hot city of Sochi. Recently, the guys released a long-awaited video. And now let's get acquainted with the musicians closer.

- Tell us about yourself, about your creative path (when you were formed as a creative unit).

Helgi: The idea of creating a band and realizing ourselves as professional musicians Vladimir and I have been carrying for a long time. Being acquainted and sometimes playing together since 2000, old friends by the will of fate found themselves side by side again in 2013, when they worked in two different Olympic preparation offices for the Olympic Games in Sochi, located in the same building. By jointly absorbing lunches in the Organizing Committee dining room, the two officials discussed and hatched musical plans. When the Olympic contracts ended, there was more time to compose music and form a style. A few things were written and rehearsed "for two", later, in 2018, was formed a full staff. At the same time, in 2018 joined the vocalist Anton Pema, together with me and Vladimir, he is already the third permanent member of the project, which pleases. At the moment of joining, Anton perfectly sang with a clear voice, but in a very short time he mastered the extreme techniques necessary for the style of the band. And he does it in a cool way. At the same time the name Horn of Asgard appeared and the course on, if it is possible to say so, "historical and ethnical" themes was finally taken.

- What style do you perform in? (nowadays it is fashionable to say among musicians and singers that they do not have a style, they sing what you hear). And how do you deal with it? Is there any particular style or is it a mixture of several?

Helgi: We call it just Metal. To play in a style that someone has already created is to imitate. But if you say that we play viking-metal, ethnic metal or, as we are closer to it, warrior metal, you won't be wrong either. We experiment, looking for melody, heaviness and toothiness, beauty and aggression. To find yourself at your best, you need to search and move, not to bind yourself to a narrow direction.

Anton Pema

- Tell us a little bit about your stage image, is there any chip of your own, what audience is your creative work aimed at?

Vladimir: Our stage image refers to mysticism, which is intertwined with elements of historical costume, perhaps, Scandinavian, perhaps - Slavic, but has no specific outlines, references. It is an image of war or deity, rather a collective image, so that the viewer can think for himself, to see the image in his own way.
Our music is aimed at those who love metal with balls. For those who like metal to carry energy, power. This is the music of action. It is not about some long internal reflections. It is combat, dynamic, sometimes marching. Its vector indicates victory, the rise of morale. Our audience are people who like to be charged by music with power, energy. People, who are interested in the history of Slavic and Scandinavian peoples. Our ancestors embodied their picture of the world in images and deities, and we follow the path of displaying it in music. Among the audience, perhaps, even fans of fantasy, as we have a mystic.

- What bands, singers and musicians have influenced you? And what do you like to listen to?

Helgi: Deep Purple, Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden is what I grew up on. I love good melodic old-fashioned solos and intense riffs. I love an interesting musical plot in things when there is development, dynamics, variety. When a thing spills over with different motifs and colors. Good guitar sound, good vocals. Painkiller album by Judas Priest is the standard of metal in the chamber of weights and measures. Dream Theater band has Scenes From a Memory, so the whole album is excellent. It doesn't have a heavy sound, but is has a heavy compisotion. Well, for me in general, the music is important, not the verbal content of the song.

Vladimir: It is difficult for me to specify, I, as a musician (it can be called a professional curse) always analyze music. I take inspiration, ideas, techniques, melody from various performers and it is not always metal. In terms of guitar it is, of course, Steve Vai, Malmsteen, in terms of pitching sometimes Santana or Harry Moore, in terms of melody I can note Children of Bodom. And in terms of sound as well. Somewhere Blackmore, somewhere ethnic performers. A very large list would turn out, if you list them all. In general now I started to listen a lot, to open a lot. Folk music is also a source of inspiration. Russian, Scandinavian, somewhere Ukrainian. In terms of memorable leitmotifs, it has no equal. Amon Amarth... I listen to bands similar in style.

Anton: I love good music. My taste may be attracted by a sudden composition with, say, a clear Japanese motif or some ethnic sound, for example, and I throw it into the playlist. Because of some trifle in the vocalist's voice I can listen to the album, even if the music itself is not my style, so I emphasize stylish and masterful chips. In my childhood there were a lot of classics, the music school left its imprint. I really liked the lessons on the basics of blues sound, and then I got into another one style and realized that blues is another whole universe and that there is something interesting in this world of sound! And then somehow I heard Bob Marley and generally hung! In general I like blues-rock classics and heavyweights: AC/DC, Whitesnake and Iron Maiden. When I saw Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away video for the first time in 13 years, I thought, this is real rock and roll! There was a wild bender, a cool music and naked chicks! And in general, you can list for a very long time, let's say the great jazz singer Sara Vaughan, Beatles, Sinatra, modern Evergrey, Symphony X and Wolfheart. All of them have influenced me as a performer.

- How do you think is it difficult for young artists to get to the big stage? And what is it related to?

Vladimir: There are many nuances here. But the main thing is a clear goal, diligence and work on quality. Music is a profession; working in a group is a pleasant, but work. And building a strategy, communicating with representatives of the music business, advertisers, marketing experts, labels - all this has to be understood today. Treat the group as your profession and everything will work out.

- Whose concert will you never go to?

Helgi: Russian rock or chanson.

Vladimir: It's easier to say to whose I will. There are not many of them. But definitely not representatives of rap, chanson.

Anton: Well, yes! ))

Vladimir Tronov

- When did you write your first song and what was it about? Or tell us who writes you songs.

Vladimir: At about 12 years old... something rebellious, I think )

Helgi: At the age of 18 sawed down 2 metal things with biker themes.

Anton: In the 10th grade, we were 16 years old, my buddies and I made a band and chopped down the coolest groove, there were brilliant and intricate texts!

- What are your plans for the year? How do you plan to develop?

Helgi: We are releasing songs as singles so far, in 2021 we plan to supplement them with new ones, and release a full album. With the concert activity, everything is clear here in the near future.Because of the pandemic, concert venues everywhere cancel concerts. And yes! November 14 we have a new track release and a clip on it! On streaming services, YouTube and Vevo. be sure to check it! )

- What are your favorite places in your city?

Helgi: Closer to the sea.

Vladimir: Forest, near the mountain rivers.

Anton: Where I have not been yet, I think.

- With whom would you like to sing a duet?

Anton: I would sing to the acoustics with Zack, with Coverdale, maybe with Richie Cocen.

- What are the three qualities you think a real artist should have?

Vladimir:Hard work, self-criticism, faith in one's own work.

- Do you have any idols, if so, then who?

Vladimir: This is a very difficult question. An idol is a person whose creativity and personality you perceive unconditionally. But there are no such people yet. And I'm not so focused on others ).

Helgi Himmelen

- What else do you do besides music?

Vladimir: I try to minimize such things )

Anton: Sex and chicks! Morrison would say. But here we have to work a little )

- Do you take your art seriously? Or maybe it is your hobby that has grown into a profession?

Vladimir: Perhaps, we have already answered, but if in short it is a way of living.

- What would you advise to young musicians, artists, singers?

Vladimir: Learn, work, set clear goals and achieve them step by step, thinking over each step.

Anton: Do not sit on the sofa and be an active person! Everybody knows about the lying stone) And to try, to try yourself, if everything is pouring out of your soul and it is not just fun for you, then you are on the right path.

- What time of year is the best time for you personally to write songs and have creative inspiration?

Vladimir: It is definitely autumn.

- What can annoy you during a concert?

Vladimir: Bad sound, of course.

Together With Children of Bodom

- Your wishes to your fans and our readers

Vladimir: I wish everyone to survive the f****n coronavirus as soon as possible without losses. And if it is global, it is harmony and self-acceptance. Through this comes the acceptance of reality.

Anton: Keep it right! From love, sport, bring up children correctly, it is a contribution to evolution, and learn to be happy in a sober mind! Here, dig deeper and you will find a lot of new and interesting for yourself.